On a trip this week to the Emerald Isle, I was obliged to visit the PC World in Limerick, to help a friend buy a wireless access point. I generally avoid the big box retailer unless absolutely necessary, the prices are simply too out of whack with reality. Sometimes though you are far from home, you need a quick solution, and you have no other choice but to delve into the local (& painfully overpriced) computer store.
But even I wasn’t prepared for the sight that was to await me in the Apple section. There among the copies of Mac OS X Tiger, The Sims, and Garage Band, was arugably the world’s stingiest discount for a piece of Apple software.
The shop, clearly wishing to shift some older stock having recently introduced iLife 2006 to the shelves, came up with the astounding discount of….. 2 cents!
Original image
P.S. Don’t ask me why they are using a pounds sterling sticker.

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