Catching up on a couple of stories from earlier in the week, this announcement from Tivo definitely catches the eye.
Tivo, makers of the eponymous PVR device, popular in the US (and to a lesser extent the UK), have inked a deal with Internet video heavyweights Brightcove. The deal basically means that producers of Internet television who are part of the Brightcove publisher network, can have their programming made available to Tivo users.
A Tivo user will be able to go to the website of a video publisher, and using their account information, initiate a download to their Tivo of that producer’s video content.
It’s a clever deal because it means the gap between Internet produced video and regular television is effectively bridged.
Expect the barriers to come down even more as the likes of Apple, Microsoft and others work to do the same with their media PC offerings.

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