WorldTV Beta is a pre-release version of the WorldTV Internet TV system. It allows people to try out the service before it launches publicly.
A beta is a trial of a software system in its latter stages of development, as hard working programmers look to put the finishing touches on their creations. People involved in a beta are usually friends & family, followed by progressively more and more members of the public.
Beta participants are usually expected to provide some helpful feedback in return for getting to play with something new before other people. This is a tradition that goes back many years in programming and is greatly appreciated by the programmers and creators. There can also be great satisfaction if you suggest a new feature and you get to see it materialize before your eyes.
Depending on the stage of the beta, you might expect the occasional bug or feature that doesn’t quite work properly. You might also expect the product to come ‘without lipstick or frills’, as programmers are not usually known for their graphic design skills, although there are exceptions. Graphic designers are usually the last people to work on a software product.
A beta can last from a couple of weeks to many months – depending on how complex the software is and how perfectionist the programmers are. It is an unfortunate fact that many software products ship without sufficient care and attention, and these are where the beta period has been rushed, usually by upper management.
We are a pretty small team at WorldTV and believe in doing things right. We take our time to make things easy-to-use and we like to think.. with a healthy dose of common sense.
You can join our beta program here

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