Tonight I launched version 1.5 of the WorldTV Internet Charts. There are several notable improvements and new features, including the introduction of daily charts for the first time, a new AJAX tabbed interface, some other design improvements, and various usability enhancements.
Video clips will now open in their own window, sized and optimized dependant on the destination website. Previously viewed clips now have their text paled-out, to make it easier to track which videos you’ve seen before. The whole chart is now centered vertically on the page, and the code is now 4.01 strict.
For now the daily charts have YouTube, Digg and Videosift, with other sources planned for future. I still need to do some work on the automated filters for the YouTube Daily chart, but these should be fixed in a day or two. In the meantime, there may be the occasional duff video. (This is now fixed).
Thanks to everyone who’s sent support or comments.
Version 1.5 of the WorldTV Internet Charts

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