A revolution is beginning… and it’s exciting.┬áRight now, in every corner of the globe, the broadcasters and film-makers of tomorrow, are quietly dreaming of, making plans for, or creating content, unlike anything we’ve seen before.

I call them the New Journalists.

Old TV is beginning to feel a little, well… old. The tools for professional content creation no longer require a studio, they no longer require cameras the size of statues, they no longer require an engineering degree or a union membership.

In fact, a 16 year old from India, or a student from South America, or a music lover from Japan, can all make programming that is of the same quality, more relevant, and far more interesting, than the bulk of what exists on regular TV.

WorldTV is dedicated to these kinds of people.

Over the coming weeks and months, plans for a global television network built by amateur videographers and video enthusiasts will be unveiled on this site.

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Are you a New Journalist?

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