Free MahjongIf you’ve not heard of Mahjong (or Mahjongg as its sometimes called) it’s one of the most popular casual games on the Internet – as big as Solitaire.
Believed to have been invented hundreds of years ago in China, the modern version of the game is similar to Solitaire but uses unique playing tiles, and has different gameplay. It’s an intellectual challenge (but not overbearing) and fun.
The object of the game is to clear a 3D pyramid of tiles by matching tiles with one another. You click on one tile, you click on a matching tile and the pair disappears.
Sounds simple enough, but not every matching tile is clickable. You can only click tiles that are able to slide towards the left or the right. Also they cannot be covered by other tiles. This is the least you need to know.
A subtlety is that ‘Flower’ tiles do not have to exactly match one another (there’s 4 of them), and the same goes for ‘Seasons’ tiles which are sometimes depicted as 4 farmers.
There are many free online versions of Mahjong, but most are over-run with advertising. More links than you could ever want to know can be found here, or, more simply there is a new, excellent version of Mahjong from the Free Video Games Project called simply Free Mahjong.

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