solitaire.jpgSolitaire is enjoying something of a resurgence these days with searches for Solitaire up almost 100% since reaching a low in 2007. As regular readers know I have an interest in online, browser based versions of games like Solitaire having set up the Free Video Games Project in 2005.
The reasons for the renewed interest in Solitaire are not clear but a possible reason may be companies restricting access to the game by removing the built-in Solitaire game on Windows computers from the workplace. Several people who work in offices have told me that their company removes the games from the computers and clearly a lot of people are searching for an online version to get round this. Users in France seem to be particularly interested. One of the biggest searches is for “solitaire en ligne”.
While there are many online versions of Solitaire available it can be frustrating to wade through the rubbish to find a good, Flash-based, clean version that does not require a download, is fun to play and is not over-run with advertising.
Happily I’m pleased to say that there is now a new, awesome online version of Solitaire from the Free Video Games Project.
Bookmark it, pass it on, enjoy!

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