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If you’re looking for some old school video games action, head on over to Free Mario – the latest game from the Free Video Games Project.

Free Mario is a faithful and totally awesome re-creation of the original NES version of Super Mario Bros, with a twist. New characters have been added so you can play as Link from Legend of Zelda, or even Mega Man. The developer put these characters in to make it a true fan game, and to get round copyright issues that are holding some of these 8 bit classics back from a new and wider audience.

The game also has its own Facebook fan page and Mario game fans are encouraged to post their high scores there.
The quality and resilience of Flash games continues to surprise in an age of apps and HTML 5 everything. Somehow I think Flash is going to be around for a while yet, and may even see a resurgence.
Still reading? What are you waiting for? Play Free Mario today! 😉

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