las-vegas.jpgIt’s been 10 years since I’ve been to Vegas and it seems like it’s double the size. Half the hotels have been blown up and replaced with new ones, and it’s even more glitzy and gauche than ever. You gotta love it.
My journey here was a little grueling. It took me two days, and four flights to get here from Eastern Europe, including one amusing incident where I landed at the wrong airport. I won’t bore you with the details, but suffice to say it was disorienting.
Fortunately I’m now in the correct location and am all badged up and ready to go to the convention, along with 150,000 other people who are all here for the same reason. The show itself is huuuge. One look at the convention centre as I sped past on the monorail and I began thinking I should have brought roller blades.
I briefly considered queueing up for the Bill Gates Keynote speech which is taking place tonight, but decided I’d rather spend the time planning what I want to try and see tomorrow. If I do see anything I think is really cool I’ll post it here, but there’s many a fine blog and resource covering the whole kit and kaboodle.
Viva las vegas!

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