David Beckham NewsReports are saying that superstar soccer player David Beckham will give a 30 minute TV interview during the Superbowl this Sunday.
This is a big story because 90 million sports viewers in the US, and particularly the kids and soccer moms among them represent a pretty huge potential new audience for the nascent MLS.
The odd thing is that the story is tough to confirm with the most high profile source seemingly the UK’s Sunday Mirror.
Hundreds of secondary news sources have picked up the story but no broadsheets or trade news sources. One reliable TV trade source suggests Beckham will appear in a TV commercial, but no mention of any interview.
What is known is that David Beckham is joining for the LA Galaxy, and you can track news about David Beckham and the Los Angeles Galaxy in general here.
This is all very odd in my view but all will be revealed tomorrow evening.

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