An old friend is getting married in a couple of weeks and this past weekend saw us heading off to Middle England for a 4 day stag trip on a boat. For some reason which will never seem clear to me, it is actually possible for 16 men to rent two narrow boats, with no previous experience, and head off onto the crowded waterways of Great Britain.
Needless to say there were a number of incidents, but surprisingly only 6 complaints lodged against us. The picture shows one amusing ‘running aground’ issue, as our own boat ‘the sensible boat’ took advantage and overtook the less sensible boat.
So if you ever happen to be in England and fancy a boating holiday, Clifton Cruises are pretty cool. Quite how they managed to get the unmarked barge pole back, which we dropped in the water several miles away, I’ll never know.
(Clifton Cruises are at +44 1788 543570)

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