Eli MaxLast Friday a little bundle of joy arrived in my world, and it’s all pretty darn incredible.
Eli Max is barely 5 days old but already he’s providing way more entertainment than the TV in the corner. I find myself staring at him for ages in sheer amazement and disbelief.
He’s a healthy little fella, a full 10lbs and 12 ounces! Fortunately mum is doing well and we’re both simply thrilled to bits.
As a first-time dad, I find it amazing how all these seemingly adult traits like sneezing, hiccups, breaking wind, yawning and burping all happen in a newborn baby. I’d never really thought about it before… but I guess it makes sense. I’m also amazed at how much the little fella is sleeping! The impact on our routine so far has been negligible. I’m sure it won’t last…
Alx in ScrubsI have to say I particularly enjoyed putting on ‘scrubs’ in the hospital and wandering round the corridors pretending to be a doctor. It took three attempts by nurses and an increasingly beligerant midwife to finally get me to change out of them. The hospital staff themselves were incredible – we had our baby at Queen Charlotte’s Hospital in West London. It’s a state-run (free) hospital but top class. The setting and experience of the staff were simply outstanding.
I’m going to do my best not to become one of those people who now only speaks about fatherhood and creates photo montages of his baby, but with a little smunchkin this cute and adorable, it may be rather difficult!

Eli Max - Smunchkin

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