Was doing a search on my computer today and happened upon these… all screenshots from my computer thirteen years ago.
As I have mentioned before I am no stranger to the ‘hoard everything’ party. In fact.. I may just be on the board of Directors. I have to say though, sometimes it’s pretty cool when you find stuff like this.

Each screenshot tells a different story…
This was my first Mac – a Quadra 660AV. For the techies it had a 25mhz processor, a 350meg hard drive and 8 megs of RAM. (My current computer is 500x faster). On this day I was clearly excited to be watching Space Shuttle Mission 69 live over the Internet from NasaTV, using some early video streaming software called CuSeeMe. All running off a 14.4 dial-up modem. Apparently I’m writing a diary entry in an early Office type program called ClarisWorks (loved that program). I’m also listening to some fine tuneage using Apple CD Player. The actual date of this digital snapshot… September 16th 1995.
This screen grab is the only surviving record of the very first website I ever built, for CityTV in Toronto. It was a virtual tour of a major market television newsroom – designed to show viewers how all the different parts of a newsroom worked. Spread over about 15 screens it was made to be browsed without any need to scroll, something I still try to design for now. Am gutted I deleted the copy I had of this site to make temporary space on a hard drive. The station took it down shortly after, and deleted their copy too.
This was a very early idea for a companion site to WorldTV. MyWebTV.com was planned as a guide to live streaming TV and radio stations from around the planet. I don’t think I ever launched it. I remember thinking it would be a nightmare to keep updated and fixing the inevitable broken links.
Do you have any old screenshots from your computer? Link to them in comments if you like. I wonder what the oldest screenshot from a computer is??

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