We all suffer from it – email overload. It just keeps coming and coming…
I thought I’d delve into this and find out just how much time I spend dealing with the never ending digital flow… These are my stats for 2007*

  • E-mails received… 64,632
  • Percentage that were junk… 41%
  • Average non-junk e-mails per day… 104
  • E-mails sent… 3,787
  • Sent e-mails per day… 10.4
  • Time spent answering e-mail… 445 hours

So in other words, I spent 11 weeks out of my year dealing with 100 incoming messages a day, and writing 10 emails. This probably doesn’t include the time spent thinking about a response or whatever.
I think we really need to have a global nom@il day. And soon please!
If you’d like to send me an e-mail about this…
*Figures derived from Eudora

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