abeesparadise.pngYou can spend a lot of time going through ThemeGarden looking for Drupal Themes. Many are just not very good, old fashioned or amateurish.
Here’s my list of the top 10 professional looking, contemporary, web 2.0 style Drupal themes – in alphabetical order. (Drupal is a popular content management system for building websites)

  1. aBeesParadise
  2. Celju
  3. Colorpaper
  4. Drupify
  5. Freestyle
  6. Fresh Media
  7. Oxidation
  8. Sandtiger (borderline)
  9. Scruffy
  10. Superclean

If I have time later I’ll add thumbnails but in the meantime you can hover over the little orange SnapShot icon to get a preview.

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