Technology VideosIf your bag is tech, you could do a lot worse than head on over to MikeTV.
Hosted exclusively here on WorldTV, MikeTV is a daily dose of robot videos, gadget videos, technology videos and other geek friendly clips.
Mike scours the Internet for these videos so that you don’t have to, and the first videos on the site include some really fascinating stuff.
There’s the video of the four legged quadraped robot which survives being kicked in its side, a holographic television with the image hanging in mid-air, a multi-touch input screen with some mind altering demos (the same technology that’s going to be in the iPhone), slow motion videos of a speeding bullet smashing through fruit, playing cards and drinks cans, a couple of fighting robot videos from Japan, a video of a water powered acetylene torch, and a video of the Da Vinci surgical robot that is revolutionising surgery procedures in hospitals.
Mike says his focus will be stuff that is ‘real’ but has not yet hit the mainstream or public conciousness, with the occasional irreverant or funny clip thrown in.
We love it!

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