Here’s some of the more interesting stories I read this week…
An article on the biggest Internet stories in Japan
9 VC’s to avoid
Is YouTube going to offer live streaming? (of course they will eventually)
FeedDemon is now free. (Google Reader has wiped the floor with the offline readers)
America cable operator Comcast is up to some interesting stuff
Nicholas Carr is worried about the future of technology
The 2007 Darwin Awards are out
ComScore releases some video site numbers
Cloverfield is a Blair Witch style movie getting a lot of hype
Facebook clamps down on Scrabulous (The wife ‘s not happy!)
Be careful when searching for domain names (godaddy is a safe bet)
Tinfinger is a wikipedia style who’s who of celebrity (I had this idea – drat)
How to recognize a great programmer (brilliant advice)

Hedging your hosting style (we use the same approach with WorldTV)
This CIA/Facebook stuff just won’t go away. The Guardian chimes in.

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