I was sad to see Aer Lingus stop flying from Shannon to London, a historic route they’ve done for 50 years, and one I travel at least once a month.
I was concerned that with 4 flights a day becoming 1 flight a day (for me at least), the remaining airline, Ryanair would jack up fares and make a more unpleasant experience even more unpleasant. But today, admittedly in the low season of the year, Ryanair allowed me to beat my all time record for lowest round trip fare, anywhere…
From London to Ireland and back again (including all taxes and charges!)…. the tiny sum of £10.78!
It literally cost me more for each of my cab to the train station and my train fare to the airport, and the two packs of smokes I bought en route. And here’s the surprising part… I bought the ticket only 4 days ago.
How the heck Ryanair do it, and be such a profitable company, I do not know, there must be some insane subsidies going on or something unusual. $20 for a return flight to another country is crazy, may my carbon footprint forgive me…
Perhaps because of this, or just because I arrived at the airport so early (a Ryanair website failure which I won’t bother explaining), I ended up dropping £80 on a wicked little wi-fi Skype phone instead. More on that in a future post perhaps, but first impressions are pretty impressive…

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