end_nightclub.pngIn 1986 I first postulated the idea of ‘headphone raving’. Get a club, fill it with people, give them all wireless headphones and have no sound system at all. The sight of a crowd dancing without any music would be priceless.
In 1992 I shared this idea with friend and former Shamen frontman and DJ Mr C. Now tonight, for the first time I will get to see this idea in action.
The End Nightclub was co-founded by Mr C and partner Layo Paskin (of Layo and Bushwacka fame) back in 1996. A rare breed in clubland it managed to maintain its credibility throughout its 13 year history despite being a large venue. Tonight it closes its doors for the last time and to honour the occasion they are closing off the street outside and will extend the party outdoors. The headphone raving idea will be used, neatly sidestepping noise regulations. It’s expected the party will go on all day Sunday.
Myself and some old friends are going for the final hurragh which includes sets by Mr C, Fatboy Slim and Laurent Garnier among others. If I remember (dubious), I will try to do some live video via Qik. If you follow me on Twitter you’ll get the notifications of the live broadcasts.
I know Layo and C are in two minds as to whether they made the right decision to close the club, but it’s had a far longer run than anyone would have expected, and that’s a credit to them and the priceless procession of music luminaries that have passed through the door, consistently delivering superb music, kudos and vibes.
Long live the End…

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