Hello! My name is Alx Klive (not a misspell) and my day job is CEO at Affinity Media and 360 Designs. I’m an ideas guy at heart but I’m also known for being entrepreneurial and making stuff. This is my personal blog, and I’ve been blogging in one form or another since the late 90’s.

This is quite a lengthy background. If you fancy something shorter, my LinkedIn is here. This is more fun and informal… I hope!

I grew up in London having a series of entrepreneurial endeavours while still at school… Mail-order software for Commodore computers, selling jokes and tricks, and running my own roving mobile disco. It was a growing interest in nightlife that led me to working at the Mud Club – London’s answer to Studio 54.

When the club closed its doors in ’91, I set off for North America seeking new adventures, and started organizing huge dance music events called Chemistry. Details Magazine called them “one of the best nights out in North America” and I was later credited for starting the rave (now EDM) scene in Canada.

Following an appearance on the North American TV show Electric Circus, I started working on the show, installing dancers on the roof of the TV station, and in silhouetted windows across the building. Later I moved into News as an Assignment Editor, before becoming a roving Videographer for CityTV/MuchMusic/Bravo.

Alx JapanI was lucky enough to travel the world, interviewing the likes of Dennis Hopper, Hilary Clinton, Isabella Rosellini and The Fugees to name a few. When I randomly found myself in London at the time of Princess Diana’s funeral, I was thrown into the spotlight, presenting the lead story for the 6 O’Clock News in Canada. My most insane TV experience though was hanging out with Hunter S Thompson – which nearly killed me, but is an experience I’ll never forget, and one I can’t write here.

In the mid 90’s I’d started learning HTML and VRML, and began developing websites for CityTV and others. Picking up an idea I’d conceived in ’95, I left CityTV in 1998 and began working on WorldTV.com – “a global Internet News and Content Network produced by amateur videographers from around the World”. When it became clear the Internet bubble was about to burst, I shelved the plans, vowing to relaunch WorldTV later on. 

Instead I launched the Millennium Photo Project, a crowdsourced effort to document the 24 hours at the turning of the Millennium – through the eyes of thousands of photographers worldwide. Covered by CNN, the BBC and Wall Street Journal, it quickly grew into the largest photojournalism project in history, and was quite probably the very first online crowdsourcing / crowdfunding campaign. A book, Dawn of the 21st Century was made of the project, and if it weren’t for George Bush and ‘hanging chads’, I’d have been on Oprah and her book club, in all likelihood certainly selling hundreds of thousands of additional copies. (It turns out luck is quite a big part of entrepreneurship).

I returned to the UK in 2001, working as a Technology Reporter for CNBC Europe, and interviewing leading CEO’s on the challenges posed by new technology. In 2007 I filed a patent for a Virtual Reality Time Machine and these days I’m both working on and writing a lot about VR. I’m a closet inventor, and the patent system makes this extremely hard for individuals. It’s a cause I’m increasingly committed to fixing.

My main entrepreneurial influence is Steve Jobs and a myriad of other entrepreneurs and visionaries like Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson, James Dyson and Elon Musk. The nightlife scene has also been a major influence on my life too, and the myriad of awesome people I’ve met through that scene.

I don’t write here nearly as often I do write here more often than in the past. If I have something long form to muse or rant about, it’s typically here that I do… Occasionally I post on Twitter, tend to be more active with friends on Facebook, and most recently I’ve launched a new startup making professional VR cameras. If you have any interest in VR video, feel free to get in touch.


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